Bauer Vapor 2X Junior Ice Hockey Skates


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Another innovation in the Vapor 2X is the Recoil tongue. This three-piece, 48-oz felt tongue includes an exposed injected metatarsal guard for added protection, while the entire tongue design offers an excellent combination of comfort and flexibility.

Inside the boot, Bauer includes many key technologies to keep your foot comfortable and locked-in. For ankle padding, the 2X includes Aero Foam+ memory foam which wraps your foot in comfort and is very thermoformable for a personalized fit. And Bauer’s Comfort Edge padding provides even more comfort while also delivering enhanced ventilation through the skate.

The Vapor 2X also includes Bauer’s Lock-Fit liner and Lock-Fit footbed. These technologies complement each other by offering great comfort and support, while also ensuring your foot stays secured into the boot. With your foot locked in place, you will experience improved striding throughout the game.

Attached to the boot is the top-end Tuuk Lightspeed EDGE holder. This advanced holder system includes a trigger mechanism to easily switch out a damaged or broken blade. To do so, pull the trigger on the holder to unlock the blade, them remove it with your hand (using a towel as a buffer), pliers, or the Bauer-provided tool. Insert your new blade until it clicks into place, and you can get back on the ice. This system not only makes this switch an easy process, but it also tightly secures the new runner in place. By preventing any excess movement of the blade, you are able to maximize your transfer of energy while skating.

In the Vapor 2X, Bauer partners the Lightspeed EDGE holder with the Tuuk LS3 steel. This premium, high-grade runner provides a long edge life and an added 3-mm in height for long-term performance. Skates under size 4 will have the LS2 steel.


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